Security Solutions and Services

Since its establishment, S3 NetSystems has been watching the changes that are taking place in the business model and hence the security model. Few years ago, we could hardly find people who trust making business and paying bills using the internet. Nowadays, many people rely on electronic form of doing almost everything. People now are more confident to let their credit card numbers traverse the web as long as this service saves them time and relieves them from standing in long queues. We have developed our security solutions and services to meet market changes. The security solutions that we provide cover all protection, privacy and intrusion prevention requirements of any corporate or enterprise.

Security Policy and Planning Development

Our security consultants provide advice on how to plan your security policy. We the expertise and necessary tools to identify the resources at risk and put the rules of protecting them

Design and deployment of Firewall based solution

Although Firewalls alone are not enough to secure your network, yet they remain the major part of any security solution model. S3 NetSystems has the resources to help in the selection and assessment of the best Firewall deployment and configuration for you. We help select the Firewall model, design of DMZs, Internal and External networks and writing the best security rules that ensures protection and disclosure to public at the same time

Design and deployment of Intrusion Detection/Prevention Systems

Intrusion Systems both "Detection and Prevention" play a major role in identifying and reacting to attacks and intrusions once they manage to get into the network. Internal attacks or those that manage to get trough firewalls are usually captured by IDS or IPS. S3 NetSystems services includes the design and configuration of IDS and IPS solutions for your network.

Implementation of Anti Virus Solutions

Viruses remain one of the major threats for today's networks, we have all seen example where a single virus can spread and cause massive damage to database and applications. The job of detecting a virus is important, that of removing or killing the virus is the most important

S3 NetSystems provides End-to-End Anti Virus services including the design and deployment of

  • Internet Gateway Anti Virus
  • Workstations and Servers Anti Virus
  • E-mail Anti Virus ( Exchange and Lotus Notes)
  • Storage Networks Anti Virus
  • Operating Systems Anti Virus
  • Laptops and Handheld devices antivirus
Design and deployment of E-mail Security and Anti Spam Solutions

E-mail messaging is becoming the most popular mean of communication between people, its usage is no more for exchanging personal messages but also to conduct business and exchange private and classified data. S3 NetSystems provides comprehensive solutions to secure your e-mail system. Our consultant help in the design and deployment of Mail Servers, their placement in the network and the security rules needed to protect your e-mail servers. We integrate the functions of Firewalls, IDS/IPS systems, Anti Spam, Anti Virus, Authentication and Access Control Solutions to provide E-mail security. We also provide Mail contents scanning and protection

Internet and Extranet Gateway Protection

With the unrecorded hype of Internet, network resources and even user's home PCs become under the risk of countless number of attacks coming from the Internet. Viruses, worms, malicious codes, Trojans are all examples of threats that attack network resources through Internet content or internet e-mail. Our experience in deploying firewalls, IDS/IPS systems, Anti Viruses and Access Control policies will provide you with the ultimate end-to-end security for your valuable data and critical business applications

Both software and hardware Encryption solutions

Encryption made it safer for enterprises, suppliers, and customer to exchange data through public shared networks such as the Internet. S3 NetSystems provides the following encryption solutions and services:

  • Network Encryption
  • Link Encryption
  • Web Encryption
  • E-mail Encryption
Access Control and Single Sign On solutions

To know who accesses your network, what resources each user is allowed to access and what the privileges and access right granted to each user is a real challenge in today's enterprises. S3 NetSystems provides Single Sign On -SSO that enables network and enterprise users to get their authentication and authorization rules using single login. The classical model of authentication forces users to re-enter multiple identification information whenever they need access to different network resources such as Mail Servers, Web Servers, Applications and Database. We also provide the following authentication methods:

  • Two-Factor Authentication ( Using Tokens)
  • PKI based Authentication
  • Single Sign On Authentication
  • Normal RADIUS servers authentication
  • Biometric Authentication ( Fingerprints, Iris Scan, Facial Recognition, etc)
Wireless LAN security solutions

Industries and enterprises deploying wireless were much concerned about securing data transmitted using wireless networks. S3 NetSystems has the experience and history of securing wireless communication via deploying the latest encryption and authentication security standards.

WAN Optimization

Many enterprise corporate, banks, educational institutes and government departments rely on some kind of WAN technology to interconnect the geographically dispersed sites.

It is very important to know what type of traffic is being transmitted and what bandwidth it consumes. In many cases, a single application can consume much of the bandwidth leaving other applications struggling for the remaining WAN capacity.

Many IT managers think of buying more bandwidth to cater for performance degradation, this always means additional cost and the problem could still be there unsolved.

The Solution

Network administrators should have the right solution that enables them to analyze the traffic on the WAN link and to control the way applications are carried over WAN links.

S3 NetSystems solution is based on products that enable enterprise IT managers to detect all applications that traverse the WAN link in real time manner and to know how much bandwidth each application is consuming.

The gathered data can then be reported in tabular or graphical format for further analysis. The solution provides a technology that detects repetitive traffic flows and reduces it by eliminating data patters that repeat themselves over and over.

The result is the same WAN link with increased performance and less traffic congestion. The QoS/DiffServ parameters set by network edge devices allow different levels of priorities based on those values.

It is also possible to set bandwidth limits based on application types so that no single bandwidth-hungry application can monopolize the majority of the bandwidth.


Emerging technologies and the Internet are driving new business and communication opportunities at a rapid pace. Your network infrastructure, both Local Area Network (LAN) and Wide Area Network (WAN), is the foundation enabling these opportunities for your business. Whether you are integrating new technology with legacy systems, upgrading hardware and software (routers, switches, servers, etc.), performing bandwidth optimization or prioritizing network traffic, the challenge remains the same: balancing high performance and availability with reasonable costs.

S3 NetSystems provides the expertise, experience, and industry partnerships to help you match your needs to the right technology solutions. We design and deploy new LAN and WAN infrastructures that bring your business computing needs alive and meet your budget.

Local and Wide Area Network services include:

  • Network Wellness Assessment
  • Network traffic analysis and bandwidth optimization
  • Remote office connectivity design and implementation
  • Router and switch design, configuration and implementation
  • Integrating new technologies with legacy systems
  • Network management tools and procedures
  • Converged technologies for Voice, Data and Video
  • Security Solutions
  • Internet connectivity

Today's business spins around the sharing of files and resources. Traditionally, this could only be achieved by physically connecting to the network using cables. Cables infrastructure is considered to be the best solution from reliability and security perspectives, however, in many situations deploying wires might become very costly and restrictive; the site construction, obstacles and furniture arrangement can stand in the face of implementing a practical and cost-effective wired environment. Here where Wireless LAN (WLAN) technology comes to fill in the gaps.

WLAN technology liberates network users from plugging and unplugging to the network, with WLAN users can take their network resources wherever there is wireless coverage, thus increasing productivity and minimizing time and money waste.

Wireless LAN Applications

Depending on the requirements, WLAN can fit from for simple home application to share a Fast Internet connection gateway to Enterprises of thousands of users.

Some of Wireless Applications are listed below:

  • Connecting sites that are few miles away from each other, the alternative solution is to rent the expensive telecom links such as ATM or leased lines
  • Providing LAN connectivity to places where Wires are difficult to implement due to geographical or construction obstacles
  • Providing Internet and E-mail access to user in hotels' and hospitals' lobbies
  • Providing database and applications' access to warehouse and stores employees
  • Setting up temporary network access in places such as conferences and seasonal camps
  • Providing network and internet services for exhibitions and showrooms
  • Providing services for passengers at airport waiting halls
WLAN Performance

IEEE 802.11b has gained reputation for its 11 Mbps for the past few years, but as the number of WLAN users increase, the 11 Mbps became a performance bottleneck due the large data files of today's heavy applications and the bandwidth demanding streaming media downloads of the internet.

The IEEE 802.11g tried to save the situation by providing double the bandwidth (22 Mbps) at the same frequency (2.4 GHz), while IEEE 802.11g preserved the investment made in the IEEE 802.11b components, it partially solve the problem of bandwidth limitation inherited in the 11 Mbps technology.

Recently, the IEEE 802.11a has defined new generation for wireless access by providing 54 Mbps throughput. With this speed, mobile users can benefit from like-wired performance. The 54 Mbps can accommodate with most bandwidth hungry and multimedia applications.

WLAN Security

The IEEE 802.11b introduced the Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) protocol as its standard for securing wireless access. It is well-know that WEP keys can be compromised easily, thus new set of security measurement has been taken to secure wireless access and make it a safe media for file transfer and data exchange.

IP Telephony

IP telephony provides a way for you to extend consistent communications services to all your employees in their workspaces, whether they are in main campus locations, at branch offices, working remotely, or are mobile. IP telephony transmits voice communications over the network using open-standards-based Internet Protocol.

IP telephony solutions are an integral part of Unified Communications, which unify voice, video, data, and mobile applications on fixed and mobile networks enabling users to easily communicate in any workspace using any media, device, or operating system. Using the network as the platform, IP telephony solutions help organizations of all sizes realize greater security, resilience, and scalability in addition to the inherent benefits of using a converged network for transport and interconnection.

Use IP telephony solutions

Provide secure, reliable, scalable communications that take advantage of your LAN and WAN Improve employee agility and productivity

IP telephony solutions comprise two categories
  • Call processing
  • IP phones
  • Wired
  • Wireless
  • Soft phones

Call processing systems provide voice, video, mobility and presence services to IP phones, media processing devices, VoIP gateways, mobile devices, and multimedia applications. IP phones are available in wired and wireless versions and provide handset functionality. Soft phones are also available to extend voice and multimedia functionality to clients which run on Windows or Mac computers.

IP telephony products support a wide range of Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)-based capabilities including:

  • Support for presence-based applications
  • Support for IP phones with enhanced SIP feature support
  • Support for third- party SIP-based phones
  • SIP trucking
  • Session Border Control
  • Simplified administration and maintenance
Data Center

S3 NetSystems task is to design and build a Data center that will serve the business needs of our client deploying an efficient with optimum running speed and 100% in-service operation.

Where all the information technology and network resides, is the "backbone" of any business. It becomes essential that the design and implementation al of its elements - power, cooling, security, fire protection, structured cabling and physical housing, be deployed as an integrated, logical system that guarantees visibility and multiple service contact among all of its elements.

Technical Design Criteria
  • Open architecture
  • Physical factors
  • Full system integration
  • Able to support new technology
  • Adaptive to incremental growth
Our specialists engage in all phases of the design and housing process
  • Site survey and selection, raised floor, electromagnetic shielding
  • Secure sheltering. Structure cable system (frames, racks, trays)
  • Energy delivery system (UPS, PDUs, Generators cooling, etc
Traffic Management

Customers are seeking for solutions that offer them a cost effective way of controlling application traffic. Application traffic must be characterized, identified and managed so that they maximize the return on investment of their network infrastructure as well as maintain overall service integrity and satisfaction.

Traffic Analysis

Traffic Analysis is important in determining the traffic behavior of applications and users in the network.
Traffic Analysis helps understanding traffic trends in Local Area Networks - LAN, but its value becomes more important if this traffic has to pass through the expensive WAN circuits.

S3 NetSystems traffic analysis services can benefit government departments, private corporate, banks and educational institutes in the following ways:

  • Provides network performance base lining
  • Studies users and application behavior trends
  • Helps in network design and upgrade planning
  • Provides a good tool for performance troubleshooting
  • Help improve network utilization and bottleneck avoidance

S3 NetSystems uses best of the breed traffic analyzers and network management tools to carry out this task.

The Solution

Based on the analysis reports; the solution has to provide a comprehensive and complete to allow customers to:

  • Understand usage trends by gaining full visibility into network bandwidth utilization
  • Control network costs and improve network performance through bandwidth management
Structured Cabling

A structured Cabling Solution is a fully integrated network system made up of various means of transmission capable of managing all traffic of information: voice, video, data, intelligent building control and management.

At S3 NetSystems, we provide the following design and installation services:

  • Premises structured cabling distribution system design
  • Backbone and horizontal cabling design specifications
  • Campus cabling distribution system design
  • Passive termination equipment design specifications
  • Testing and certification review and enforcement
  • Main IT room design specifications
  • Conduit and utility pole specifications
  • Termination equipment design specifications
  • Testing procedures review and enforcement
  • Cable management systems (software, hardware) specification