Just as contract manufacturing compelled transformation in the high technology industry, software offshore outsourcing is transforming organizations across an expansive array of industry and services sectors worldwide.

The value in outsourcing is proven already.

The exciting growth that this business is experiencing today is too powerful to resist even for potential political problems with the outsourcing destinations. For large multinational companies driven by cost efficiency, need for excellent talent and turnaround times, India has proven to be competent and reliable over a significant length of time. Their confidence is illustrated by an increase in straight through processing-related functions to India. Today Western and European enterprises are more flexible about the kinds of partnerships they choose. There is great openness and willingness now to accept other types of outsourcing options, such as joint ventures and non-traditional third-party providers.

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The outsourcing model is already being leveraged by 40% of the Fortune 500 companies including Lucent, Oracle, Microsoft and Motorola. The offshore outsourcing model can bring in cost savings of 50% - 70% depending on the mix of onsite and offshore resources. The main drivers for this phenomenon is the pressure to reduce costs, improve efficiency and increase flexibility in the back office of almost every major industry in the West and Europe.

Many non-critical functions and, now increasingly even critical areas like product research and development in many technology sectors, are being outsourced to low cost, high knowledge destinations.


Several factors are pushing firms to more outsourcing. Foremost is more emphasis on controlling costs. Firms start thinking about replacing fixed costs with variable costs. With an outsourcing agreement based on the amount of use of the process, the costs go down as volumes decrease due to flexible contracts.

The second main driver is that regulatory requirements force firms to focus their technology resources away from supporting some basic operations. The outsource provider takes on the responsibility of ensuring that technology is maintained and updated, avoiding the need for institutions to spend money on updating, maintaining or rebuilding their processing systems.

Standardization also can promote outsourcing. Third-party or industry utility services now offer centralized standards-based connectivity, reducing integration costs and hassles both within and between brokerage firms. Another standardization process, the move to Web services, makes it easier to outsource by letting firms expose legacy systems and applications over networks-and to the outsourcer. Outsourcing might not result in an immediate cost savings but the benefits outweigh any concerns. What that means is firms have to first concentrate on the transition - there's going to be process reengineering, people issues and the technology component as well. Clearly, though, the bottom-line cost savings make any investments worthwhile.

  • Reduce operating and capital costs dramatically.
  • Seek proficient resources unavailable in-house.
  • Gain direct access to world-class software professional skills.
  • Put projects on a fast track to completion otherwise not possible due to internal technical or staff limitations.
  • Leverage the time zone differences, and reap the benefits of round-the-clock support.
  • Enjoy adequate quality expertise on call for a large variety of systems and software requirements.
  • Leverage scope for hiring out higher volumes of work on your discretion.
  • Spread the risks involved in development.
  • Release non-capital resources for core competencies.
Flexible Engagement Models

Through our Consulting model and a Managed Team approach, S3 Information Systems supports your project team - implements the solution of your choice and ensures complete compliance with your processes and standards.

We take complete responsibility, through our Project Management capabilities, for delivering an entire solution with a budget based on time and materials, or on a fixed-price basis, or a hybrid or a dedicated development Center mode.

We provide you with the option of contracting for work that can be performed on-site, off-site, offshore, or in combination.

Customized pricing at consistent quality

we have a consistent track record of completing projects on time and within budget.

We are experts at Rapid team mobilization. We nurture a large pool of top-notch experts and professionals across technologies and platforms. Our people management and training programs are unmatched, as is borne out by critical projects awarded to us by many international enterprise and technology customers.

We deliver quick, high-quality solutions with minimal risk, resting on a robust platform of consolidated best practices from past projects. Our customers reap the benefit of our deep experience, without compromising on security and confidentiality.

State-of-the-art Offshore Centre

we work out from a world-class, state-of-the-art work environment enabling our professionals to provide leading edge solutions to our global clients. Our development and 24*7 support Center is fully equipped with the latest hardware & software resources, communications facilities and connectivity, and advanced programming tools to ensure highest software productivity and quality.


Admittedly a major concern for enterprise customers seeking to engage in offshore development. To this end, we are agreeable to adopting any specific processes or mechanism that the customer might wish. Security is managed through restricted physical access and use of firewalls for network security.

  • Electronic Security: The client's dedicated team can be electronically isolated from the rest of S3 Information Systems and protected through the use of independent networks, access controls, firewall software, virus protection, etc.
  • Physical Security: S3 Information Systems employs 24-hour physical security. Hardware and software (physical media) are not allowed to leave the facility without explicit management approval.
  • Client Policies: We aim to adopt any security and confidentiality policies followed by the client.
  • Employee Agreements: S3 Information Systems has confidentiality agreements with all employees.
Management and Quality Control

S3 Information Systems place an uncompromising emphasis on overall quality on all aspects of its services. Using our vast experience in developing mission critical applications, we have established proprietary quality and testing methodologies that emphasize well-defined metrics.